New action movie manly and tight, Triple Border combines effective ingredients to be a success on Netflix. Available since march 13, on the platform, the new feature film from J. C. Chandor should appeal to fans of the genre. IN THE DANGEROUS WORLD OF THE DRUG Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal get together in Triple Border to prepare for an operation, a bold but perilous : loot Gabriel Martin Lorea, a great baron of the south american drug. If the film of J. C. Chandor remains pure fiction compared to the series Narcos and its spin-off in Mexico, it remains not less than Triple Border plunges the viewer into the universe of hazardous cartels where the dollars float as much as the balls. Triple Border offers regulations and chases in the landscapes of deadly forest and mountains connecting the capital of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina by the rivers Iguazú and Paraná. Of the action in a scenery-postcard that should convince fans of the series on narco-trafficking. It is a blockbuster, great show that features J. C. Chandor, director of independent films (Margin Call, A Most Violent Year), while providing a staged over-worked to an action movie classic. Netflix, The american filmmaker succeeds brilliantly at immersing the viewer into the world of the drug cartel with elements of plot, agreed, but effective : a detailed plan, a mole, a baron of the drug powerful, scenes of shooting and impressive moments of tension palpable. All in a landscape as hostile as its inhabitants, of local willing to protect their territory, but also tempted to put a hand on the pile. THE LOYALTY Of A BAND OF BUDDIES PUT to The TEST The casting-male, four-star together on the Triple Border embodies a group of former soldiers of the us special forces, moved from colleagues to friends. All since retired, Tom, Santiago, William, Ben and Francisco are struggling to make ends meet, despite years of services rendered, at the peril of their lives, for the motherland. When a bargain presents itself, Santiago does not hesitate to meet his buddies before promising them a jackpot staggering. The band of friends, the trajectories are very different, find then embarked on a journey incredibly dangerous, which turns into a quest for existential. Subjected to the worst tests, Tom and the others are going to have to make the right decisions when their plan is not working. Despite a military preparation strictly, the men of the Triple Border are affected psychologically by the barriers they face, to such a point that their friendship is often questioned. Netflix A thematic that are found in Kings of the desert of David O. Russell. Even if this film from 2000 has a tone more comical than Triple Border, it also puts in scene a troop of soldiers, led by a Delta Force close to retirement Archie Gates (George Clooney), embarked on a treasure hunt to be dangerous. Reeling from the Gulf war, soldiers are required to fight against Saddam Hussein in trying to stay united in order to put the hands on a huge fortune. In a different era, the heroes of the Triple Border and the Kings of The desert have only one thing in mind : to become rich !

Present at the convention monegasque MAGIC, the japanese author Leiji Matsumoto – creator of the manga “Albator” – is back for us on the genesis of his cult series. Called tôei Animation Company, he Is Harlock, Yamato, the battleship of the space or even the film Interstella 5555… Leiji Matsumoto was this Saturday, march 9, the guest of honour at the fifth edition of the convention of monaco MAGIC, the opportunity for the mangaka veteran 81-year-old to go out to meet his fans, but also answer the questions of the journalists present on the spot. True living legend Leiji Matsumoto began in the middle of the drawing wizard a new icon, Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, King Leo…) nicknamed the “god of manga”. A collaboration that seemed to be intended for the two men : “When I was five years old, I went to see a cartoon at the cinema, and I later discovered that Osamu Tezuka had attended the same meeting as me (he was age of fifteen years). I realized then that I had a common destiny with him.” With this mentor prestigious, Matsumoto has learned a lot, and although their paths are then separated, the two authors have both made their commitment to the environment a thematic hinge of their respective works. “Since my childhood, I perceive that there is a danger to the Earth and this is why I’ve always drawn to stories dealing with this subject. We live in a dangerous days, and it is essential to protect the planet, and the life, not to “hurt” the Earth by exploiting its resources until exhausting them.” Forty years after its creation, read Albator, it is first of all realise that its green message has never been so topical, but also that many of the points of detail which echo in our time. For the octagénaire Leiji Matsumoto, still engaged, he urge to act before it is too late. “We are experiencing significant climate change, the tectonic plates move more than before, we need to implement to protect the Earth.” Called tôei Animation Company Successful internationally and particularly in France – a country to which Matsumoto is very attached to and remembrance of the stories told by his father, the aviator, the mangaka thought that this was the message of tolerance, “a theme to which everyone can identify” which has led to the implementation of the export of the kind in the world. A popularity as one remembers that in 2003, Daft Punk did not hesitate to request for a feature film project music : Interstella 5555. “I live in a two-step animation studios Toei and Daft Punk have landed one day, without this being intended to ask me to work with them. Then we worked in close collaboration, but this was not something planned.” What is the meaning of today in a series like Harlock ? Because its environmental message is still relevant, Leiji Matsumoto confides to us that he would not bring major changes to the story or to the characters if it was brought to the revisiting of our days. Because after all, “the purpose of Albator is not to make war, but to live in osmosis with the other. It is an aspect of the story it seems to me essential to keep in mind.” The generic French Albator, sung by Eric Charden : Thanks : Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC), and Shibuya Productions.