In 2018, Sacha Baron Cohen met with Dick Cheney in the framework of his series of satirical “Who Is America ?”. An exchange for the least surprising, that completes the portrait of the american politician at the centre of the biopic “Vice”. Showtime Carried by its eight Oscar nominations (including Best film) and the Golden Globe for Best actor in a comedy for (the impressive) Christian Bale, the biopic Vice provides a portrait of intimate, funny and chilling Dick Cheney, Vice-President of George W. Bush between 2001 and 2009. Man of the shadows, at least in appearance, in reality it is him that opera behind the scenes, overseeing the administration of the american government during these two terms and orchestrating, among other things, the second Iraq war. Vice trailer VO beyond the tour-de-force film, satirical and political director-screenwriter Adam McKay, Vice is also a gateway to fun to understand the mysteries of american power, the policy pursued by the hawks, neo-conservatives during the years 2000 and their impact on the rest of the world. You will be able to continue this discovery by the inescapable Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, Palme d’or in Cannes in 2004 ; the W. in Oliver Stone’s biopic devoted to George W. Bush ; The World according to Bush documentary relentless William Karel ; the drama Fair Game, with Naomi Watts, on the betrayal of the agent Valerie Plame by the Bush administration… but also the series Who Is America’s hellion Sacha Baron Cohen. Showtime Vice to The Machinist, the physical changes of Christian Bale Aired on Showtime in the United States and Canal Plus in France, this series of satire in seven episodes of approximately thirty minutes “explores the diversity of individuals, notorious to the anonymous of the world, politically and culturally in the United States”. Are interviews, shows, or meetings conducted by Sacha Baron Cohen in blackface and unrecognizable, which ensures that reveal the true nature of his interlocutors due to his behaviour outrageous. And among them, a certain Dick Cheney, the former Vice-President of the United States. Showtime Who is America? : Sacha Baron Cohen trap an elected republican who resigned in the aftermath In an interview face-camera built-in to episode 2 of the show, we found one of the characters recurring and tasty Sacha Baron Cohen, the Colonel Erran Morrad, an expert in counter-terrorism from the israeli army. For almost six minutes, he asks Dick Cheney in a playful tone and an accomplice on topics such as his war favourite, the stituation in Iraq or the techniques of torture (“interrogation” forced ” correct Dick Cheney). Unfazed throughout the interview, the politician agrees even to a “Dick Pic” with his interlocutor and to sign an autograph on the bottle used by Erran Morrad for his torture sessions by the water (or waterboarding). This sequence is surreal, to (re)discover, causes both laughter, amazement, embarrassment, and rebellion. A good way to accompany Vice , finally.

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Vernon Subutex : the adaptation of the novel by Virginie Despentes arrives in April on Canal+
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Game of Thrones : an incredible treasure hunt organised by HBO for season 8
Trailer Let’s dance : when Rayane Bensetti mixes hip-hop and classical dance

Netflix has launched last Friday the dramédie “Sex Education” with Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield. The press has she been responsive ? Overview of published reviews… Sam Taylor/Netflix what is it about ? The rebel Maeve leads to Otis, a teen virgin but with a mother, sex therapist, in the creation of a cell therapy sexual underground in their high school… Available on Netflix. Trailer : Sex Education – season 1 trailer VO What you think about the press… According to Entertainment Weekly : “Sex Education outsmart the traps of the usual clichés about the sexuality of teens with a dose of empathy a refreshing (…) A fresh and progressive dramédie british.” 4,5/5
Read the full review
According to Rolling Stone : “As the character Jean says it, the sex can destroy lives. But it can also offer a new comedy ado as it is a delicate matter, and explicit gold (…) Gillian Anderson is a comic genius, who also issues without a surprise of beautiful moments more dramatic.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to The Point : “This new production tackles with humor and subtlety of a subject often romanticized, and rarely well-represented by the small screen.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to : “Sex Education won’t appeal to everyone. The humor is often dark, and the awkwardness that she brings to the stage can be irritating and difficult to watch. But as a therapist who wants you the property, its intentions are good. As a partner generous, she is ready to try experiments. And as the sex-the good in any case – it is an absolute pleasure to watch.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to Télé 7 jours : “Without turning into voyeurism or obscenity, Sex Education (…) manages to juggle between shots of the series for teens and the representation of the sexual practices of each, the smart way.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to The Hollywood Reporter : “A distribution wonderful in which each character, presented in a certain way, often for reasons of comedy, immediate, turns out to be more unexpected than expected and for which one has to have compassion. The more the series progresses, the more the casting a secondary offering in-depth.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to Time : “Despite the starting point is crazy (…) Sex Education is populated by complex characters; she married and embodies one of the visions of the most progressive on the sex than the tv we have available.” 4/5 Read the full review According to USA Today : “If you are ready for explicit scenes and if you like the boldness of the English, it’s a series of hilarious and exciting that will make you relive the time of puberty. If there’s a series that manages to inspire viewers to return to it, this is the one !” 3,5/5 Read the full review

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The series, Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”, led by the actor John Krasiński, has just been renewed for a third season. Amazon Prime Video Jack Ryan on the small screen, it continues ! While the filming of season 2 will begin this summer, the series Amazon led by the actor John Krasiński, adapted from the work cult of Tom Clancy, has already be renewed for a third season. This is Jennifer Salke, big boss studios is Amazon, who announced this on Wednesday during the tour press of the Television Critics Association. Produced by Paramount Television and seen on the service, Amazon Prime Video , series Jack Ryan follows the adventures of an analyst’s promising of the CIA, in charge for the first time for a dangerous mission on the ground. Two seasons of the show had been commissioned for entry in 2016. Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, John Krasiński… These actors who have embodied Jack Ryan at the cinema and on television to See the slideshow Slideshow Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, John Krasiński… these actors who have embodied Jack Ryan in the film and television 5 photos


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However : Jared Leto dark on the first pictures of filming the new Marvel

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Red Shadows on C8 : what is the saga’s event with Manon Azem, and Nadia Farès ?
Dragon Ball Super : the resumption of the series in July confirmed ?

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the state of health of Chantal empire, Morgane is facing the destructive behavior of his son. Marianne, meanwhile, is not thrilled about the proposal of Chloe and Anna. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Tuesday, February 12, in Tomorrow belongs to us… So that Kylian panic, the state of Chantal empire Chantal, who remembers having been assaulted by a young man, rather tall, with a baseball bat, would like to talk to the police more quickly, but Remy makes him understand that this is going to have to wait a little since it was first a MRI to pass. But once the examination is completed, Chantal begins to convulse and passes out. For Renaud, this is no doubt, Chantal has a brain hemorrhage and needs to be taken to the block immediately. In parallel, Arnaud makes a visit to Anna and Bart, and explains that Flora regrets her behavior, that she has tried to plead the cause of Anna with Victor, and she was eventually fired in turn. But Anna is a sheet of explanations of Arnaud and is adamant : she will never be able to forgive Flora what she has done. She, however, encourages Bart, who finds it hard with his mother, to discuss with Flora, and to potentially pick up the pieces. Kylian, for his part, confesses to Margot that he failed to kill Chantal and that he no longer recognizes. It has really the impression to become a bad person. He is also confident that he will not be able to escape the prison, even if the idea of not being able to pay the nursing home of her great-aunt makes him sick. But Margot receives a text from Jessica who has been taught by her mother that Chantal Dumas has made a hemorrhage. She then wants to think that, but says that if Chantal dies, Kylian will no longer have to worry. And actually, going back to the operating block, Renaud announces to Karim that the heart of Chantal dropped during the operation and that he has to pronounce the death. Morgane is facing the destructive behavior of her son, Morgane and her ex, Lise, are called to the office because their son, Gabriel, was arrested after he stole video games in a store. Even if the trader has a complaint, he gets on well with a simple reminder of the law. But he is always aggressive towards Morgana and admits to her two mothers that he has no friends, the other teens make fun of him because of the choices they have made, and that he would like to change the high school. Morgane and his ex-wife would then go out for a drink to change the ideas and Lise reassures Morgane, saying that they have nothing to hide, they have seen of psy, and did what he needed to be with Gabriel. It is simply the gaze of the other that is difficult. Lise admits that she thought that Morgana would go to make things easier. But Morgana tells him that she has not been able to. She could not bring herself to not see Gabriel. Later, in high school, she discusses the situation with Sandrine and the latter proposes that Gabriel joined the staff. But Morgane think that this is not a good idea, even if it seems to want to keep to herself the reasons for the anger that her son feels towards it. Marianne still refuses to tell the truth to her daughters approach the start of its treatment by radiotherapy, Marianne confides to Andrew and confesses to him that her anguish at the idea of developing side effects or other cancer because of the rays. For her ex-husband, she is in great need of relax and it suggested to him that he try yoga or meditation. But most importantly, he thinks that she should speak of his illness to Chloe and Anna, so as not to go through it all alone. Later, alerted by their father who claims that he finds that Marianne is not well for some time, Chloe and Anna offer an activity with the girls to their mother : one afternoon hammam on Friday. Reluctant because conscious of the fact that this would force him to expose his body, Marianne is ultimately leaves convaicre. But a few hours later, she called Chloe and pretends to have too much work at the hospital to take a half-day of leave.

MacGyver : George Eads replaced by an actress, The Haunting of Hill House
Thanksgiving on Arte : "It is Scenes of married life revised and corrected by John Le Carré" [INTERVIEW]

Sony Playstation has announced, in the course of his live “State of Play”, aired last night, the upcoming arrival of a game Iron Man, in which players will be taken to Tony Stark in VR. Images. Camouflaj last night, PlayStation hosted its first State of Play, a direct with announcements regarding games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. The opportunity to announce the release, scheduled in the course of the year, a game Marvel Iron Man VR. Developed by the studio Camouflaj, the title, playable using two Playstation Move, will allow players to slip into the skin of Tony Stark putting on his armor, and of course, aerial combat, and other explosive projectiles. We don’t know much else, aside from the teaser trailer unveiled during this direct. Images !

Sorties ciné : Look elsewhere, In the terrible jungle, As a single man… The discoveries of the week
S. O. S. Ghosts : a new film by the director of Juno and The Front Runner