Vice : torture, Dick Pic and autograph, the interview surreal of Dick Cheney by Sacha Baron Cohen

In 2018, Sacha Baron Cohen met with Dick Cheney in the framework of his series of satirical “Who Is America ?”. An exchange for the least surprising, that completes the portrait of the american politician at the centre of the biopic “Vice”. Showtime Carried by its eight Oscar nominations (including Best film) and the Golden Globe for Best actor in a comedy for (the impressive) Christian Bale, the biopic Vice provides a portrait of intimate, funny and chilling Dick Cheney, Vice-President of George W. Bush between 2001 and 2009. Man of the shadows, at least in appearance, in reality it is him that opera behind the scenes, overseeing the administration of the american government during these two terms and orchestrating, among other things, the second Iraq war. Vice trailer VO beyond the tour-de-force film, satirical and political director-screenwriter Adam McKay, Vice is also a gateway to fun to understand the mysteries of american power, the policy pursued by the hawks, neo-conservatives during the years 2000 and their impact on the rest of the world. You will be able to continue this discovery by the inescapable Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, Palme d’or in Cannes in 2004 ; the W. in Oliver Stone’s biopic devoted to George W. Bush ; The World according to Bush documentary relentless William Karel ; the drama Fair Game, with Naomi Watts, on the betrayal of the agent Valerie Plame by the Bush administration… but also the series Who Is America’s hellion Sacha Baron Cohen. Showtime Vice to The Machinist, the physical changes of Christian Bale Aired on Showtime in the United States and Canal Plus in France, this series of satire in seven episodes of approximately thirty minutes “explores the diversity of individuals, notorious to the anonymous of the world, politically and culturally in the United States”. Are interviews, shows, or meetings conducted by Sacha Baron Cohen in blackface and unrecognizable, which ensures that reveal the true nature of his interlocutors due to his behaviour outrageous. And among them, a certain Dick Cheney, the former Vice-President of the United States. Showtime Who is America? : Sacha Baron Cohen trap an elected republican who resigned in the aftermath In an interview face-camera built-in to episode 2 of the show, we found one of the characters recurring and tasty Sacha Baron Cohen, the Colonel Erran Morrad, an expert in counter-terrorism from the israeli army. For almost six minutes, he asks Dick Cheney in a playful tone and an accomplice on topics such as his war favourite, the stituation in Iraq or the techniques of torture (“interrogation” forced ” correct Dick Cheney). Unfazed throughout the interview, the politician agrees even to a “Dick Pic” with his interlocutor and to sign an autograph on the bottle used by Erran Morrad for his torture sessions by the water (or waterboarding). This sequence is surreal, to (re)discover, causes both laughter, amazement, embarrassment, and rebellion. A good way to accompany Vice , finally.

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