Sex Education : the press is-she fell in love with the comedy Netflix ?

Netflix has launched last Friday the dramédie “Sex Education” with Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield. The press has she been responsive ? Overview of published reviews… Sam Taylor/Netflix what is it about ? The rebel Maeve leads to Otis, a teen virgin but with a mother, sex therapist, in the creation of a cell therapy sexual underground in their high school… Available on Netflix. Trailer : Sex Education – season 1 trailer VO What you think about the press… According to Entertainment Weekly : “Sex Education outsmart the traps of the usual clichés about the sexuality of teens with a dose of empathy a refreshing (…) A fresh and progressive dramédie british.” 4,5/5
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According to Rolling Stone : “As the character Jean says it, the sex can destroy lives. But it can also offer a new comedy ado as it is a delicate matter, and explicit gold (…) Gillian Anderson is a comic genius, who also issues without a surprise of beautiful moments more dramatic.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to The Point : “This new production tackles with humor and subtlety of a subject often romanticized, and rarely well-represented by the small screen.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to : “Sex Education won’t appeal to everyone. The humor is often dark, and the awkwardness that she brings to the stage can be irritating and difficult to watch. But as a therapist who wants you the property, its intentions are good. As a partner generous, she is ready to try experiments. And as the sex-the good in any case – it is an absolute pleasure to watch.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to Télé 7 jours : “Without turning into voyeurism or obscenity, Sex Education (…) manages to juggle between shots of the series for teens and the representation of the sexual practices of each, the smart way.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to The Hollywood Reporter : “A distribution wonderful in which each character, presented in a certain way, often for reasons of comedy, immediate, turns out to be more unexpected than expected and for which one has to have compassion. The more the series progresses, the more the casting a secondary offering in-depth.” 4/5 Read the full review
According to Time : “Despite the starting point is crazy (…) Sex Education is populated by complex characters; she married and embodies one of the visions of the most progressive on the sex than the tv we have available.” 4/5 Read the full review According to USA Today : “If you are ready for explicit scenes and if you like the boldness of the English, it’s a series of hilarious and exciting that will make you relive the time of puberty. If there’s a series that manages to inspire viewers to return to it, this is the one !” 3,5/5 Read the full review

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